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The all-new Goldacres TriTech 48m boom is a product of two years development, with over 40 years of boom manufacturing experience.


  • The design of the boom allows three working spray widths to be achieved; All open 48m overall width. Outer section folded back to give 36m width, midsection folded back gives 20m. (48/36/20)
  • Exceptional strength using a lightweight trussed construction with the use of steel and aluminium and clever hydraulics for precise yaw and breakaway control with a frame design to allow a myriad of nozzle combinations to be used.
  • A deep and wide boom truss structure reduces stresses while increasing overall strength.
  • Outer wings feature a unique hydraulic break back and break forward function to help fight the forces of yaw boom while also providing security in the chance of a boom collision.
  • While using the boom in the folded 20m position the middle wing features a hydraulic latch to secure the outer and inner wing for increased boom rigidity and longevity.
  • Inner wings also feature forward and rearward hydraulic dampening as well as full yaw control.
  • The design incorporates a single spray bar that puts all spray nozzles in perfect alignment, allowing virtually any nozzle combination or configuration to be mounted on the boom.
  • Plumbing is increased to 1” poly tubing for reduced pressure drop resulting in more even nozzle flowrates.

    Goldacres 48m – TriTech V Series Hydraulic Boom

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