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Farm and Garden Products Rockhampton


Got a weed problem?


Spring weeds popping up?


The ATV75 is the answer, designed to suit most atv motorbikes and features the best components in a rugged spray package that is durable and practical to use. No need to get off the bike with the 107 psi pump delivering 6.8 l/min of flow. Excellent spray range and coverage is achieved with the adjustable conejet nozzle. Featuring a baffled 75-litre spray tank and a low centre of gravity with the design sloping around the mudguards of the bike to ensure stability on the ATV at all times.


Got a broadleaf issue in your lawn or pasture?


Need a boom to suit your ATV?


The 2m towbar boom simply slides into a 50mm (Hayman Reese) style towbar mount and is fully adjustable vertically and horizontally and will cover 2 meters. Full aluminium construction for lighter weight and folding outer wings for easy storage.

Goldacres ATV75 Sprayer – 75L

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