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Introducing the all-new G4V
Goldacres has observed this trend and designed a purpose-built sophisticated sprayer that is suited to the horticultural industry. Whilst from a distance the sprayer may look similar to its dry land broadacre and cotton sprayer cousins, a closer look will show it’s much different. Horticultural operators require slower speeds, higher water rates, narrow wheel tracks and a tight turning radius.

The all-new G4V sprayer from Goldacres offers a new level of performance and efficiency not seen before. The design is centred around a 4000L main product tank complemented by booms with widths up to 36m. Riding on large diameter 46” wheels and tyres combined with four-wheel steering to provide an outstanding ride and sprayer maneuverability. Cummins power coupled to a four-wheel drive hydro mechanical driveline all adds up to give the G4V outstanding tractive performance and efficiency results in almost any situation.

The G4V has been packaged with an uncompromising level of quality components, integrated systems, operator ergonomics and high-end specifications.

If you are serious about farming, then look no further than the G4V for your spraying solution.

Goldacres G4V Crop Cruiser

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