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Farm and Garden Products Rockhampton


Designed for the professional sprayer, fitted with a high-pressure diaphragm pump, 100m Pro-Reel® remote auto rewind hose reel, quality components and compact dimensions.


The Pro-Reel® traymount range of sprayers are ideal for operators who require maximum efficiency from their sprayer. Available in 400 & 600L chemical tank capacities, there is a size to suit just about every application.


Featuring the Pro-Reel® with 100m of hose, high-pressure twin diaphragm pump, rated to 40l/min @ 40 bar (580 psi) driven by a petrol engine and a spray pattern which is fully adjustable from the trigger jet gun, allows the operator to spray large volumes in a straight stream or fan spray pattern.

Goldacres Pro-Reel® Single Traymount Sprayer – 400-600L

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