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The 8-Series DT835 tracked loader, with its 35hp diesel driven engine is the most powerful mini skid steer on the market. It gives you the edge in power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety. The DT835 offers extra powers to increase lift capacity and longer reach and is best suited for tough site conditions and hard working attachments. To hit your numbers you need equipment that is safe, reliable, rugged and easy to operate and maintain. Kanga equipment has been designed to enhance your bottom line, and we back it with the most comprehensive sales and service networks in the industry.

Kanga 8 Series Track Mini Skid Steer

  • Loader Model: DT835

    Engine Model: Kubota V1505 Diesel

    Power: 35 HP

    Lift Capacity: 360kg

    Fuel Capacity: 50L

    Operating Weight: 1120kg

    Bucket Max Rollback: 41°

    Maximum Operating Height: 2570mm

    Ground Clearance: 194mm

    Cooling: Water Cooled

    Travel Speed: 5.4-9.3km/h

    System Pressure: 220BAR

    Width: 1046mm

    Product Warranty: 1000Hrs/2Yrs

    Engine Warranty: 2 Yrs

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